[VIDEO] After His “Communist Vaccine Rant,” Karma Comes Calling For Arnold…He Just Got Dumped

The Terminator has been terminated!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was terminated. He has gone off his rocker.

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He should know how it feels like when people don’t have freedom! In 1990, the news said that his father was a Nazi! After Arnold’s latest rant, we can see that the proverb apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is valid.

He went on a vaccine rant and told the Americans that their freedom isn’t necessary! He said that for a virus that has a 99.8 survival rate.

Now, karma terminated Arnold because of the communist rant.

RedCOn1, the top supplement company, pulled out the Arnold Classic event because they are against his statement in his video!

Watch the video of RedCon1 below:

People have to raise their voices and share their opinions out loud.

That way, we will keep our freedom and terminate the communist minority who wants to control us!

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