[VIDEO] ABC News Just Stuck It To Biden Again…How Did This Hit Piece Get Past Their Censors?

ABC is up to something…

What is the plan? Let’s take a look at the bigger picture.

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ABC is doing hit pieces on Joe Biden. They like to cover topics that the new administration doesn’t want to be amplified.

They have done this several times on the border. Their latest story highlights soaring crime rates in the US. Democrat-led Oakland is their main focus now. The big city has just defunded the police department.

It’s all about Democrats and their “Defund the Police” efforts. This has something to do with BLM and Antifa. What happened during the “Summer of Love”? Democrats made a terrible mistake back then. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are trying to do the same. These two bailed out the bad guys.

Democrats are nothing but a bunch of weirdos who support chaos and anarchy. They say soaring crime rate is a political issue. They ignore it!

A nice theory, right?

We bet some high-up at ABC is “Team Kamala.”

No love lost between “Team Kamala” and “Team Harris.”

Insiders emphasized the war between Harris and Biden.

Is ABC pro-Kamala? They probably highlighted the crime and border to slam Biden.

Is that even possible? Things look really awkward at the moment.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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