[VIDEO] ABC News Calls Biden A Liar In Scathing Report

ABC News blasted Biden like a tornado from hell!

Biden gave a press conference today, and he should have remained awake!

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It was a debacle!

During the day, reports report that Americans are stopped from going to the airport, and when they show their passports, they are beaten.

Right now, CNN is at the Kabul airport, and according to the reporters shared, it’s a disaster and complete chaos.

But, no US flights have taken off all day. However, we couldn’t hear that from Biden!

From his statement, we could acknowledge that Americans’ don’t have any problems getting to the airport and shared that he has seen no intelligence that shows that.

But, when he was called out on it, Biden admitted that some might be blocked.

Watch the video below:

ABC called him out most scathingly and irrefutably!

Joe is lying or a bumbling idiot!


Americans are stopped and beaten with fanbelts from cars! But Joe trusts the Taliban!

He is lying, or he’s a buffoon, but whatever he is, he can’t be a president!

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