[VIDEO] 6 Dead, 19 Missing, In Horrific Tourist Boating Tragedy

One tragedy happened in Brazil when one huge rock broke free and slammed the boaters on Furnas Lake.

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ABC News shared that a towering slab of rock broke from one cliff and hit the nearby boaters waterfall on a Brazilian lake. According to the officials’ statement, six people died.

Edgard Estevo is the Minas Gerais State Fire Department commander and said that besides the dead people, 20 people were missing, and they tried to identify them.

32 people were injured, and many had been released from hospitals by Saturday evening.

Different video images show a gathering of small boats trying to find some of the missing individuals.

The tragedy happened between the towns of Sao Jose de Barra and Capitolio from which the boat left.


Officials said that the wall coming loose might have some link to the heavy rains that caused flooding in the state.

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