[VIDEO] 11-Year-Old Girl At School Bus Stop Fights Off Knife-Wielding Sex Offender…And Wins!

The most disturbing 1-minute video you have ever seen!

The girl in the video is fortunate! If a person doesn’t have luck, they wouldn’t have survived this moment!
The girl is now alive only because she fought against a knife-wielding sex offender. He’s the one who attempted to kidnap her. The event took place at a Florida bus station.

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The 11-year-old girl was waiting for her bus in Pensacola, Florida. Then, the criminal approached her. The entire incident was recorded on camera.

The best thing from the event was that the young girl didn’t wait for destiny to save her, but she fought back and scared the oppressor. At that time, 50 deputies arrived at the crime scene and caught the man.

Later, he has been charged with the attempted kidnapping of a child and aggravated assault and battery.

Bizpacrtview shared that the Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons stated that the suspect was at the age of 30 and had ‘’blue slime’’ on his hands.

The girl was playing with the slime right before the suspect tried to kidnap her. The attacker was wearing the same clothes, and his car was freshly painted. Also, according to the sheriff’s report, the suspect has an extensive criminal history, including sexual offenses with a child.

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what his intentions were, but they were not good,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Simmons credited the girl who escaped kidnapping with only a few scratches. The girl is courageous!

“Had this 11-year-old victim not fought –to fight and to fight — and to just never give up, this could have ended terribly,” he stated. “My message to her is that she’s my hero; my message is that she did not give up.’’

“She did the right thing. She fought, and she fought, and she fought, and she never gave up, and then she went straight to her parents, which she should have done, told her parents what was going on, who in turn contacted the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, and we were able to muster 50 deputies in a really short time.”

Even more disturbing is the fact that this wasn’t their first encounter. Reportedly the same criminal approached the girl two weeks prior to the attack and made the girl feel uncomfortable.

Take a look at the video.

A couple of outlets identified the criminal as Jared Paul Stanga. Below you can see the sheriff’s department’s press conference.

Thank God everything ended up well, and the girl was safe!

Please, teach your kids how to react in these situations; maybe you can give them some tools that will help them. No one is safe!

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