VAXX Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, And Stainless Steel — Audit BOMB – Afghanistan FAIL – Stew Peters Show

The dirt is killing us

Jarome Bell, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and US Congressional Candidate, said the nightmare in Afghanistan is not an incident.

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He joined Stew Peters to talk about the plan to kill US troops in order to protect Democrats and their policies.

Dr. Robert Young did a research on COVID-19 vaccines. The results are more than shocking. The liquids had deadly parasites, stainless steel, metals, and other compounds. Oh, yes, they also had grapheme oxide.

Seth Keshel was a Military Intelligence Captain in the US Army. The man dropped multiple bombshells and he made the latest move during his convo with Peters.

Canadians gathered to protest at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech. Protesters were later arrested for committing “thought crimes.”

Peters has a few videos and he also shared some details with Canadian Patriot Chris Sky.

Carlos Cortez, a financial expert, joined Peters’ discussion. He knows more about those who lose their job because they don’t follow vax mandates.

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Source: The True Defender

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