VANDALISM: Anti-Capitalist Agitator Falls Off NYC Building After He Tried To Disfigure It

An anti-capitalist agitator fell right on his back while trying to disfigure the Chase Bank building in Manhattan on Friday!

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He was dressed in entirely black clothes, with a huge backpack, and he wanted to climb the exterior while one of his partners spray painted from the ground.

Someone said ‘’Get down’’ from the ground, as the agitator was persistent and continued to climb ever higher.

At the same point, when he wanted to make his way onto an overhang, he lost balance and jumped from about 15 feet height. The agitator fell right on his back. So, the paint he wanted to use on the building ended up on the pavement!

Someone from the crowd yelled ‘’Call 911!’’. It was another agitator. Then, the security guard said: ‘’Stand back, EMS is coming.’’

The agonized rebel said that he fell on his hip right before the ambulance arrived.

Rioters were in the streets of New York City, Washington, DC.

In D.C., the rioters brought an enormous black snake, a metaphor of the pipeline, before ‘’slaying’’ right in front of the White House. One woman beat the plastic tube with one wooden stick, and others were waving with different metal sheets and cheered.

Simultaneously, a group of women used bike locks to stay safe during the event in front of the White House.
In Illinois, the Northwestern University students occupied a bank lobby and sang songs.

The protestors wanted the Joe Biden administration to stop building the Dakota Access Pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3.

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