Vaccine Side Effects Make Americans Wary Of Getting COVID Jab

The situation may escalate

We have all noticed that the distribution of COVID shots has outpaced the demand. We also know that appointments for immunization have gone unfulfilled. People became aware of the mistake Democrats make and hate the idea of being vaccinated with something that may kill them. There were too many studies confirming the adverse effects of COVID shots. Many countries halted the distribution of vaccines due to blood clot cases and even death. Americans get to read the news, you know, and most of them decided to stay away from anything that’s related to these vaccines.

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European countries suspended the immunization with AstraZeneca. The administration of Johnson and Johnson shots was suspended, too.

Guess what… Vaccination centers have run out of people willing to get the shot. As of Friday, April 16th, about 49% of all Americans had received at least one dose of the shots. Health officials claim they tried to vaccinate 70-90% of all Americans. They won’t be able to get these numbers. We aren’t crazy or stupid. Health officials claim they must vaccinate most of the population to achieve herd immunity. If the virus doesn’t find a host, it won’t be able to move around. Really?

Politicians will use pretty much every trick to force us to take the vaccine. Celebrity campaigns, actors, spectacles… We have seen it all. Popular names make a show of their immunization just to motivate their fans to get the shot. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was really concerned because thousands of appointments weren’t filled on Friday.

PA’s acting health secretary Alison Beam said, “The appointment availability does give us cause for concern because it’s indicative of hesitancy, which really is the challenge to come.” Beam added that half of the nursing home workers in the State have declined immunization. According to her, this is proof of “how far we have to go and how much of a challenge overcoming this vaccine hesitancy will be in the near future.”

KFF conducted a poll and found that only 61% of adult Americans have received the shot or want to get it in the near future. About 17% of all people would “wait and see,” while 13% claim they would never get the vaccine.

KFF reported that 29% of all Republicans said they would never get the vaccine. Only 5% of Democrats made a similar statement. Let’s not forget that the vaccine was developed under former President Donald Trump. Joe Biden and Trump got the vaccine.

Lousiana Republican Mike Bayham encouraged his Republican fellows to get the vaccine despite that he was in bed for a week. He had the same symptoms for weeks before. According to Bayham, “whatever the vaccine can do to you, the virus is far worse.”

This is more like an admission that these vaccines may cause serious side effects and even death.

Americans have received more than 200 million doses as of last week. Half of the US adults had received at least one dosage. Will people go to that appointment?

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