Vaccinated COVID-19 Deaths Tripled! U.S. CDC REPORTS!

During the last month only, the deaths and hospitalizations with COVID-19 have tripled in the U.S. The bad thing here is that among fully vaccinated people, the complications have also been tripled.

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According to the data published by CDC from May, from January 1 to April 30, 10,262 breakthrough infections have been reported.

Ten percent, 995, vaccinated people are noted as breakthrough cases, hospitalized, and died only in May. COVID deaths in these cases reached 535 only until June 1. If we compare these numbers to 160 deaths reported one month earlier, we will have a considerable increase in deaths only in one month.

However, CDC shared that now, they will count only those infections in fully vaccinated people hospitalized or who died from May. So if we observe that perspective, more than 90% of them won’t end up in a hospital and won’t die.

Because of this move, we have a massive gap in the vaccine efficacy data collection. In addition, it would result in inaccurate reports.

More than 27% of the new cases are asymptomatic to spread the virus unconsciously. People who got only one dose of the vaccine and got infected won’t be counted.

Many dead-vaccinated people raise one question: the deaths are caused by the virus or by the complications caused by the vaccine?

The adverse side effects of the vaccine that may be fatal are known as ADE. In earlier experimental jabs, these reactions were reported, for example, those 130 children who died in the Philippines in 2017 because of the dengue vaccine.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media won’t share these data because they promote the mass vaccination of the population.

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