US Media Goes FULL Pravda: NOT ONE SINGLE Mainstream Outlet Reports on President’s Naked Son With H**ker Complaining About Russians Stealing His Laptop For Blackmail

We are getting used to this

Earlier this week, someone released a video of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his naked “friend.” The video features naked Hunter and a h**ker. He complains about Russians snatching his laptop to blackmail him and people close to him.

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Hunter caught the whole thing on camera and had the video on his laptop. He left the laptop at a computer repair shot in Delaware.

One thing stands for sure. This is a national scandal. This country has never seen anything like this. I bet Chris Wray and the Federal Bureau of Investigation won’t do anything about it. Maybe they have something to do with Hunter’s situation…

The mainstream media is pretty quiet about Hunter. They won’t do a thing to insult the President’s son. Hunter enjoys extra privileges this period. They let him get away with everything. I guess you get this treatment for being Joe Biden’s son.

Donald Trump’s son wouldn’t get this treatment. Imagine all the headlines and harassing reporters if one of Trump’s kids did anything like this.

This moment will enter history.

Americans no longer have anything that even reminds us of the fourth estate in the US anymore.


Do a quick search on DuckDuckGo on “Hunter Biden prostitute Russia laptop” and you will get the joke.


Only Newsweek and FOX News wrote about the incident. Newsweek tried to make it look like a joke.

We will never ever trust the mainstream media.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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