US General Makes Disastrous Mistake With A Military Photo In Yet Another Bungled Tweet

A three-star general made an unforgivable mistake!

Our military is full of complete idiots. Social media accounts of these politicians serve to make mistakes so the people could mock the generals and the US military with ghastly tweets.

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Do you remember the time when the official Marine account argued with Tucker and called him a boomer?

So, woke generals tweeted progressive garbage that was similar to the comments of James Comey and George Conway and not the professional and disciplined military leaders’ comments.

They sound like pompous elites who are disconnected from the important people – enlisted soldiers.

Take a look at what Lieutenant General tweeted.

She thought that the soldiers in her image were Americans who were British and spelled ‘heroes’ incorrectly.

“This picture is worth 1000 words—thanks to these American hero’s. #Grateful ”

Below you can read the online comments:

“These troops are British – they have the SA80 rifles”

“I guess you just outed yourself as a pencil pusher.”

“You must be suuuuuuuuuper-woke to have gotten as far as you’ve gotten without even knowing what an American soldier looks like.”

“No offense but how’d you get to be an LTG?”

“Jesus Christ nothing says desk-bound like not even knowing what a US soldier looks like”

“”Tell me you’re an out-of-touch officer without saying ‘I’m an out-of-touch officer’.””

“The general should realize these are British troops”

“Don’t even know what your own troops look like….”

“Pretty sure those are Britts ma’am.”

“I am only an E4 but I do not believe they are Americans.”

“First, not US but Brits. Second, it’s “heroes” not “hero’s”. No wonder our military is in the shape it’s in, when it’s run by 3 stars like you.”

American heroes deserve the best comments, not these dumb leadership!

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