Update From Mark Taylor: Standing Firm On The Trump Victory!

Mark Taylor is not giving up on his hopes and dreams, and recent updates go in favor of former President Donald Trump

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Taylor is telling the truth. Talking to him is probably the most eye-opening experience one can have. In a recent appearance on Dr. Paul Oebel’s show, Taylor doubled on his previous comments on Trump. It’s an excellent interview and we are happy to see that Taylor will never change his mind.

Hank Kunneman did the same. Kat Kerr, Bo Polny, Amanda Grace, and many others stand by Trump’s narrative. They are not backing down.

The former President was pushed out of the Oval Office. Democrats were determined to put an end to his presidency. January 20 was a big day for Nancy Pelosi. She and her Dems friends celebrated Joe Biden’s arrival in the Oval Office.

What happened next? Biden started signing executive orders to destroy everything Trump built in the past four years. He shut down his administration and brought in his own people. All those promises and great plans… We all know what’s next on Biden’s list… But, Trump is here to stop him. We have every right to believe he will run for president in 2024, and we will be in the front row to support him.

Please enjoy this one.

From Rumble:

And a backup from YouTube:


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