UNBELIEVABLE: Supreme Court Refuses to Stop Grand Jury From Getting Trump’s Tax Returns!

An exciting day for the now corrupt federal government in the USA!

The Supreme Court will give permission to a grand jury to get the 45th President of the United States tax returns, which are certain to be leaked to the project mockingbird media.

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On Monday morning, the Supreme Court refused to block a New York grand jury to get President Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, a loss in the legal process of the 45th President.

The decision itself does not mean the tax returns will become public record. Yet, with the way the media continues to get leaks from Democrat prosecutors, it’s only a waiting game.

Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney, is now able to demand Trump’s accountants to deliver the records that Trump continuously rejected to give up to prosecutors or congress.

“The work continues,” Vance responded to the Supreme Court order.

“The investigation concerns a variety of business transactions and is based on information derived from public sources, confidential informants, and the grand jury process” and could include falsifying business records, insurance fraud, and tax fraud, he told the appeals court.

Cyrus Vance is looking for tax records for eight years, and the investigation started when the former lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels to silence her about the claim she had an affair with the President. Both parties denied that it ever happened.

This is just one another attack from the Democrats on President Trump because they still can’t forget that he defeated them in the 2016 elections.

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Source: NBC News

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