Two New Dreams From Timothy Dixon: “THE INSURRECTION AND DONALD J TRUMP”

Timothy Dixon shared two new clips, and you must see them. We will start with the shorter one, and then you will see the longer one.

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Both are interesting, and they are a MUST.

Immediately, once you hear the first one, you will rush to open the second one.

I would like you to hear what he saw with his words. If I interpret it, I might say something wrong, and maybe someone will not understand me right!

We have been talking about this for nine months.

Watch the first video:

Before you see the second video, I want to tell you that Dixon is under extreme censorship. We live in a country where a Christian Pastor’s message would be constantly taken down and censored.

I guess in the future; Timothy Dixon can share his videos only via email. After two months of extreme censorship, my Newsletter is back, and we found a pro-conservative, pro-free speech company.

Watch the second video:

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