Two Leaders Of ‘’America’s House’’ Will Die On The Same Day! – Prophecy!

We know that you have already seen the video we will show you.

You are asking yourself how I know these things.

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Numerous people sent it to me, so I need to thank you!

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Regarding the issue we will discuss in this article, I must say I have never met this woman, and I don’t know who she is. Also, I haven’t seen her video.

But, so many people have sent it to me, I have to watch everything.

I was fascinated! Everything is so good! As I previously mentioned, I don’t know her, nor her track record!

According to her, Lord gave her a specific word that she should read the Book of Samuel, and when she did it, one word grasped my attention.

The message is clear!

The message is: ‘’God is about to clean ‘’house’’ in America, starting with America’s House.’’

Can you guess what this means?

Will God start cleaning the House of Representatives or the House of the Senate?
Or maybe even the White House???

No one knows, neither this woman!

But, she did mention that God’s message is obvious and that two leaders of ‘’America’s House’’ would die on the same day. To be precise, one will die in the morning and the other in the evening.

Wow, this is creepy!
See the video below.

If you are a person who listens to Hank Kunneman’s messages, then you can link her words with the pastor’s comments from last week.

Pastor Hank said that two significant events would happen on the same day, just as the woman said. Also, he mentioned that one event would take place in the morning and the other one in the evening.

Can you connect these two things? They are very similar, and maybe these two talk about the same thing.
If something like this happens, we will know that these two told the truth.

Will it happen in April?

Below you can hear what Pastor Hank said.

You can now see the YouTube video from Deborah as a backup. Be aware that this video may be deleted later!

And now you can read the top comments.

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