Twitter Suspends Steven Crowder’s Account Without Any Explanation!

This is the latest example of Big Tech’s targeting of conservatives

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Without any explanation, Twitter has suspended the account of popular BlazeTV host Steven Crowder!

Tuesday afternoon, Crowder confirmed the suspension, explaining that he noticed that he had been locked out of his account since earlier in the morning.

He also added that the company did not inform him about the reason for taking such an action against him.

He said:

“No idea why Twitter locked me out, as in the allotted category (wherein they would include said information) was left blank. Behold, the modern ‘public square!'”

Last month, Crowder was suspected for about 12 hours from Twitter, reportedly for alleged instances of voter fraud.

He is a vocal critic of modern Big Tech monopolies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for their unabashed censorship and suppression of conservative voices.

He claims that Big Tech censorship is one of the most important issues facing the country.

It is not known if this incident is linked to the suspension, but on Monday, Crowder reposted a 5-year-old video on his Twitter account in recognition of International Women’s Day.

In it, he dresses up as a transgender woman and goes to exercise at Planet Fitness — setting off the “lunk alarm” twice for dropping weights.

It was reported that this clip caused outrage on Twitter.

However, Twitter is not the only Big Tech platform that has censored and suppressed the conservative political commentator.

YouTube has allegedly manipulated its search algorithm to bury content from Crowder’s channel, even though the channel has over 4 million subscribers and videos with tens of millions of views.

Moreover, last month, Crowder’s team announced that they had filed a lawsuit against Facebook over “unfair competition, fraud, false advertising, and antitrust” violations.

Join Our Telegram channel here: https://t.me/TheTrueReporter

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