Twitter Suspends Conservative News Company After They Shared Congressman’s Fox News COVID-19 Interview

They can’t be serious about this…

Rep. Andy Biggs (R_AZ) appeared on Fox News to discuss COVID jabs, Ivermectin, and the Big Pharma. He discussed the whole situation surrounding the virus. It was a good interview and the @GrabienMedia Twitter account shared it. What happened next? Twitter suspended it.

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We have seen this before…

Grabien founder Tom Elliott confirmed the suspension of the account and even provided screenshots.

Twitter sent Elliott a notification for breaking COVID “policy on distributing incorrect and possibly dangerous information. What we’re looking for is removal of material which may represent a danger to people’s health, particularly anything which goes directly against authoritative sources of global and local public health information.”

The tweet doesn’t exist.

Grabien News still offers the whole video online.

Elliott responded, “Obviously, in this situation, citing an elected leader on an issue that concerns to everyone is significant and newsworthy, regardless of whether you agree.”

He tried to appeal the ruling but we know that the whole thing won’t end well for him.

“The post so plainly didn’t breach any regulations, I felt it preferable to offer Twitter a chance to explain its error. The account remains suspended since they haven’t replied to my appeal.

Tweeting an elected official’s views on the pharmaceutical business is clearly a violation of Twitter’s guidelines, and I’d love to see them try to explain why. Accounts engaged in regular journalism are practically being threatened with suspension, he said. Speaking of slippery slopes, this is just the latest illustration of how speech regulations usually lead to far broader restrictions than first stated. Everyone loses in the end.”

This is crazy…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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