Twitter Refuses To Ban Child Pornography Because It Didn’t “Violate Policies”

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Twitter hates Donald Trump and those who support him, but allows child pornography content on the platform? What’s wrong with them? So sick! This is wrong on so many levels.

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The New York Post reported that Twitter won’t take down a widely shared pornographic image of a teenage sex trafficking victim. They conducted an investigation and say there was no violation of their “policies.”

The victim and his mother filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday in the Northern District of California. Their lawsuit alleges Twitter made money from the video. In this video, the teen, who was 13 at the time, is engaged in sex acts. In other words, we are talking about a form of child sexual abuse.

The teen is 17 at the moment and he lives in Florida. Authorities identified her as John Doe. He was 13 and 14 when sex traffickers contacted him on Snapchat. They posed as a 16-year-old female classmate to get his attention.

The lawsuit reveals that John Doe and sex traffickers shared nude photos with each other. The convo turned into blackmail overnight. If Doe didn’t send more nudes and videos of him, they would share the explicit material online. They told him that his parents, coach, pastor, and many others would see the content.

Doe performed several acts before he blocked the traffickers. They were gone for a while but one of the videos resurfaced in 2019. The video was released by two accounts that had already shared child abuse content.

Doe’s mother filed two complaints at the company for the explicit content still being available on their platform. Twitter responded on Jan. 28, saying that they won’t take down the video. It had 167,000 views and 2,223 retweets at the time.

“Thanks for reaching out. We’ve reviewed the content, and didn’t find a violation of our policies, so no action will be taken at this time.”

Here’s Doe’s reply:

“What do you mean you don’t see a problem? We both are minors right now and were minors at the time these videos were taken. We both were 13 years of age. We were baited, harassed, and threatened to take these videos that are now being posted without our permission. We did not authorize these videos AT ALL and they need to be taken down.”

An agent from the Department of Homeland Security contacted Doe’s mother and the videos were removed on Jan. 30.

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Source: The RFAngle

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