Turns Out It Was Nancy Pelosi Who Jump-Started The Plot To Use CDC To Circumvent SCOTUS

Pelosi was behind the curtains of this drama, and we all knew it.

This came as a shock for many Americans, even when Biden mixed himself at the SCOTUS and made CDC extend the moratorium on eviction, which has been already expired.

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Numerous Americans didn’t want to believe that they had done something too brazen, but at this point, nothing should shock us. However, Bided didn’t start this. Can you guess who it was?

It was Nancy Pelosi who was the creator of this scenario. She told Biden to ask for help from Laurence Tribe in attempting to find a way around the Supreme Court’s rejection of an eviction moratorium by the CDC.

The Washington Post reported that Pelosi advised the WH to ask for Tribe’s help. Then, Tribe talked to the Dems and urged them to postpone delivering the articles of impeachment to the Senate against Trump. It would be better to get some leverage over the Republican Senate for procedural concessions.

Tribe was the one who wanted to impeach Trump prior to his inauguration.

However, this June, the Court left the eviction moratorium in place, pending its expiration. Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated CDC didn’t have the authority, so they cannot act without congressional approval.
One week ago, the WH sent presidential adviser Gene Sperling to announce that they couldn’t extend the moratorium, which had expired on July 31.

A few days later, Biden reversed the position, so the CDC had a new eviction moratorium.

We should be shocked by this, and it is Obama’s third term. America needs fearless Republicans in the GOP, only that way, we will stop this craziness.

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