Tucker Carlson with SHOCKING Info About Joe Biden’s Mental Condition!

There are numerous secrets about the president of the US, Joe Biden. The mainstream media classifies the rumors about Biden and his mental health as propaganda, but in fact, part of them are accurate.

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Biden has cognitive problems. Everyone could see that; it’s so evident. But, the MSM calls us propaganda. He definitely struggles either with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, the MSM will never cover this story.

Why? It is so because the MSM is focused on Trump and finding his mistakes. Moreover, they don’t want to look at Biden and his reaction because they will see something they don’t want to. They aren’t interested in Biden’s actions, and they don’t care.

Tucker Carlson highlighted that he obtained data from inside Biden’s family. Nobody from there hoped that Biden would get the nomination, and when he actually did, everyone was confused due to his cognitive problems.

Watch the video below:


Americans have to know the truth about Joe Biden!

Tucker Carlson shared that even beyond the professional aspect, what Biden struggles with is terrible to watch unfold. Senility isn’t a disease that should be shared in the world’s theater.

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