Trump’s Social Media Director Shares New Trump Video

Dan Scavino released a new video featuring former President Donald Trump and supporters are super excited

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This video is probably the motivation we needed to finish our daily tasks. Videos of this kind keep us going and yes, these projects motivate us to get the best of our day.

Former President Donald Trump surprised fans with his latest video. His social media director Dan Scavino did an amazing job.

Scavino met the former President nearly three decades ago at Briar Hall Country Club. It’s the Briarcliff property DT bought right after. He turned it into Trump National Golf Club Westchester. Scavino was a Yorktown High School student. He was working as a caddie and also had a job in the bag room.

Let’s go back to the video. Yes, Donald Trump has so much to offer. The past four years are nothing in comparison to his great plans for this country.

Here’s the masterpiece:

Trump’s narration is our favorite part of the video. They used the right music for this piece. Each of us should “treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.” That’s the message former President Trump delivered to us all.

If you thought of giving up, just watch this video, and go back to doing what you know best. Chase your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

Users on Twitter loved it:

“You must keep pushing forward!” Don’t forget this. Write it down and read it every time life gives you lemons. Being a citizen of this world is really hard, but each problem has at least two solutions. Former President Trump is one of the most successful people out there, so he knows pretty much everything about success. Millions of people follow his example, and hopefully, you are one of them. Listen to his advice and use it wisely.

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