Trump’s CPAC Speech Will Make His Fans Happy

On Sunday, Trump will deliver his first speech and remarks after leaving his office.

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Some slight details are already on the surface, benefiting Trump’s supporters.

Our sources said that Trump would share his decision regarding the 2024 election nominee as a GOP leader.
The New York Post said that Donald Trump would say that currently he is in charge of the Republican Party and is its ‘’presumptive 2024 nominee’’.

Next weekend in Orlando, Trump will make his first public appearance once he left his office at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Next Sunday, Trump will give his speech to remind all the people, especially the Republicans, that he is still powerful, even though he isn’t in the White House.

Maybe he doesn’t have Twitter and the Oval Office, but he is still in charge!

The New Your Post reported:

‘’The former president, who has been hosting Republican lawmakers at Mar-a-Lago, will huddle this week with advisers on his political future with an eye toward becoming a kingmaker in the 2022 elections.’’

You mustn’t miss this event! It will be LEGENDARY!!!


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