Trump Won Two-Thirds Of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered

President Donald Trump won the elections, and every decent citizen of this country knows it

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New analysis shows that Trump’s lawsuits were not universally dismissed by courts. Would this change the outcome of the presidential elections?

Courts worked on 22 separate cases and decided on their merits. According to this, Trump prevailed in 15 as confirmed by citizen journalist John Droz Jr., a physicist and environmental advocate in Morehead City, N.C.

In other words, Trump and Republicans won two-thirds of the cases. Droz and volunteers went through court filings to follow 81 lawsuits connected to the 2020 presidential election. 11 cases were withdrawn or consolidated. 23 were dismissed for lack of base and evidence. What about the 47 cases?

Trump and his group “have WON the majority of 2020 election cases fully heard, and then decided on the merits!” Droz said in a statement. “Is that what the mainstream media is reporting?”

Here are the legal victories for Republicans:

RNC v. Miller, in the Iowa courts, a lawsuit in which the Republican National Committee won an injunction over absentee ballot applications.

RNC v. Gill, in the Iowa courts, in which the Trump campaign won an injunction preventing a county official from distributing and accepting signed forms containing preprinted information.

Trump for President v. Boockvar, in the Pennsylvania courts, in which the Trump campaign was granted an injunction against the counting of mail-in and absentee ballots where voters were allowed to provide proof of identity days after Election Day.

Droz explained that only three lawsuits revolved around voting machine inaccuracies.

“One of these was dismissed (due to jurisdiction), one was ruled against (although no discovery was granted), and one is still open (discovery was granted).”

“The likely explanation for so few cases in these two areas is that legally proving fraud or voting machine manipulations are very time-consuming processes, that require substantial investigative work and documentation. There simply wasn’t enough time to do this prior to key points in the process (like the Electoral College).”

“Our view is that the public needs to be much better educated regarding the election integrity issue—and having a more accurate understanding of the lawsuit component is a key part of that,” Droz wrote.

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Source: www.christianitydaily.com

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