Trump Was Right When He Warned Us About Biden’s Radical Plan To Destroy America

Again, our President Trump was right! He has previously warned us about Biden’s radical agenda and what he would do!

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Biden’s list is limitless, starting with packing the court, reparations, gun control, flooding the country with illegals, eliminating the filibuster, etc.

As we mentioned, Trump warned us about Biden’s radical plan and what he will do if he becomes the President.
But, after all, this wasn’t a hard prediction. The radical democrats shared their agenda, but the media represented Biden as a moderate.

Old Joe isn’t in charge. The latest data revealed that Obama is the controller. What will Obama want that he will get.

I don’t think that Biden is responsible for the current plans to destroy capitalism, law and order, and our freedom!
However, Trump told us during his campaign about Biden’s plans. If you watch his RNC speech from August 2020, he said: ”If given a chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness.”

Rob Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff, runs the day-to-day operations, and that is why you aren’t familiar with his name.
Susan Rice is another top puppet in the entire “presidency” drama. Biden only regurgitates the radical sentence he hears from the people surrounding him. It isn’t crucial if those phrases are right or wrong. He even told us that there are no “absolute” rights in the Constitution.

If a Democrat says that you don’t have absolute rights, you need to stay focused. It’s a warning that the Dems won’t abide by the Constitution. They will write various Executive Orders, legislate our rights out of existence by packing the Supreme Court. They can only ignore the Constitution, who will stop them?

Some rights are more ignored than others. Democrats always attack the Second Amendment.
In the past couple of months, the freedom to worship is attacked. It is more evident since the entire coronavirus pandemics appeared. The restrictions ordered churches to be shut down.

The majority of the Republicans are aware that behind Biden stands someone else, for example, Obama. CNN is the media that constantly attack Trump. One proof is an article titled “Trump wants America to believe Biden is a radical leftist. It’s a tough sell.”

Dems are socialist radicals who will do anything just to remain in power. And Biden is on board with these people!

Biden participates in passing a COVID-19 relief bill that doesn’t give any COVID-19 relief. Infrastructure bill containing 6% of infrastructure?? –Hell, Yes, Biden is on board with that!

The leftists are entertained by the current events. They believe their agenda is excellent with the puppet Biden as a “leader,”

He is transformative in the way they want it! He isn’t the bridge he promised in his campaign.
Our ”President” isn’t the U.S. President! Biden is doing everything that Obama will order, and the entire bait-and-switch amusement is working swimmingly for the Dems.

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