Trump Social Media Startup Receives $1 Billion From Investors

Donald Trump is stronger than ever

Our President has new social media group, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and it has huge success. TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) attracted the attention of investors. An unidentified group of investors donated $1 billion.

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DWAC committed $293 million to its partnership with TMTG. The total amount reached $1.25 billion.

“Truth Social” will launch early 2022. Are you excited?

Twitter and Facebook banned Trump right after the riots in the Capitol. Our dear President wants new social media users to be able to talk “without discrimination on the basis of political ideology.”

From Post Millennial:

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (TMTG), former President Donald Trump’s social media group, and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) announced Saturday they’ve received a commitment of $1 billion “PIPE” investment in committed capital from an unidentified “diverse group of institutional investors” to fund the digital media venture.

The transaction will provide estimated proceeds of approximately $1.25 billion, after deducting estimated deal expenses, to be used to fund operations. 

TRUTH Social, which is TMTG’s forthcoming social media platform, will provide an outlet that “encourages open global conversation without discrimination on the basis of political ideology.” In addition, TMTG+, the company’s subscription-based video streaming service, is expected to include access to “non-woke” entertainment, news, documentaries, podcasts and more.

The BBC reported this:

The Trump Media & Technology Group is working to launch a social media app called Truth Social early next year.

It comes as Mr Trump remains banned from Twitter and Facebook following the attack on the US Capitol in January.

“$1bn sends an important message to Big Tech that censorship and political discrimination must end,” he said.

“As our balance sheet expands, Trump Media & Technology Group will be in a stronger position to fight back against the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Mr Trump announced plans to launch Truth Social earlier this year, saying it would allow conversation “without discrimination on the basis of political ideology”.

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