Trump Jr.: ‘Here’s What Comes Next for Our Amazing Movement’

Donald Trump Jr announced that his father and his team will continue their movement “of the people … against the elite.”

These are tough times for Americans, and our future does not look bright at all, but the only silver lining is that we were not left alone to cope with it all.

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The son of former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, stated that his father and his team are continuing with the efforts to promote the interests of the United States, and he describes these efforts as “a movement of the people … against the elite.”

In a video presented on Trump Jr.’s social media accounts, titled “Here’s what comes next for our amazing movement,” he assured followers “they are not done yet.”

He then shared a recent recording from his father, as he is walking off the golf course while saying, “We haven’t finished yet.”

Trump Jr. commented:

“He’s actually accurate. The reality is this movement isn’t over. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that you guys have all put into this thing is very much still alive and well. You see that. I mean, this is really a movement of the people, a movement against the establishment, a movement against the elite.”

He then added:

 “A lot of those things have been brewing for quite some time. And that’s why for me I’m still standing engaged and we’re going to get in there and fight to elect people who really represent the people—people like you who have gone through so much.”

Trump Jr. said that his father is still “going to be in that fight.” He said he was aware they are “against a lot”, but his father is “going to be in there making sure that we have people who truly represent what America is all about.”

Trump Jr. then continued speaking about how fact-checkers on social media seem to unfairly prejudice against conservatives while angled toward “the other side.” Having that experience himself, he said that his content is always fact-checked, “even if there’s even a little bit” of irregularity.

He explained:

“When I look at things that I put up on my social media that are totally objective or that are satire, one or the other, that [social media content] gets fact-checked so that they can use that to knock my platform, to prevent me from getting any kind of reach. I see that stuff on a daily basis, I don’t see that on the other side. I don’t see Joe Biden getting fact-checked when he said he’s not going to ban fracking when he bans fracking.

If there’s even a little bit of ambiguity they get the benefit of the doubt, whereas if there’s even a little bit, a modicum, something like I said, subjective, who’s to know what the fact checker’s thinking, but certainly I know what I’m thinking and I can come up with a parameter that makes everything correct but the fact-checkers can say that it falls outside of those lines.”

He added:

“Joe Biden, not one tweet—as many incorrect ones that they’ve put out—has been fact-checked. It’s truly sick.”

He rumored that the Biden administration turned to have a “China first, America last policy,” charging it of “crushing jobs” in the middle of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Trump Jr. stated:

“The nonsense never seems to end, but neither will our fight, neither will our resolve, neither will our will to go on. We’re going to keep pushing for the American people and make sure our kids grow up in a country that we all recognize and love.”

Not long ago, Trump opened an “Office of the Former President”, whose purpose is to advance the US interests and continue his administration’s agenda.

In January, Jason Miller, a campaign adviser, said that the former president would be involved in the 2022 midterms with the instant emphasis being to help Republicans win back both chambers of Congress.

On January 20, when Trump relocated to Florida from Washington, he told supporters that he and his team would “be back in some form.”

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He then claimed:

“We love you. We will be back in some form. I will always fight for you. I will always be watching. I will be listening.”

On Friday, the former president made his first social media post since leaving the White House.

It displayed a letter from his lawyers to Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), the House of Representatives’ lead impeachment manager, saying that they refuse to have Trump’s testimony in his following impeachment trial.

House Democrats impeached Trump on a single charge that claims that he encouraged a crowd that broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6. Ten Republicans then joined the Democrats, giving them support.

For the first time in the history of the United States, a president has been impeached twice. Moreover, it is the first time a former president that has already left the office faces an impeachment trial. Trump’s attorneys rejected the allegations in a trial memorandum, and challenged the constitutionality of trying Trump after he had left his position.

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Source: The Epoch Times

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