TRENDING: Video Shows French Supermarket Shoppers Denied Entry For Not Having COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

This is just the beginning and it will only get worse

Didn’t get the experimental jab? Sorry, you can’t buy essentials. Oh wait, you have just been denied the right to get yourself food. Imagine that!

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People in France wake up with the thought that they won’t be able to buy their food unless they get the vaccine. How far will elitist go this time?

French authorities went really far this time. They are forcing everyone to get the jab. People can’t even leave their houses without a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

Mass protests, resistance… None of this helps. People in France chose medical freedom and the government banned them.

Nazi much?

I guess Nazi 2.0 still thrives in Europe. Maybe people should join forces and fight against the regimen. This has nothing to do with violence. It’s all about opening our eyes and ears and taking the matter in our hands. We needs to stop this nonsense before they lock us in concentration camps.

Watch these videos… Shocking!

French authorities say it’s illegal to feed yourself and your family if you are not vaccinated.

Summit News has a story:

A video out of France shows irate shoppers being blocked from entering a supermarket by police because they don’t have COVID passports.

The footage shows people with shopping carts being blocked from entering the grocery store by security guards.

The guards then begin pushing one woman away as the confrontation becomes more heated.

A number of police officers then begin manhandling the frustrated shoppers, presumably not too concerned in that moment about social distancing.

The angry shoppers don’t appear to be anti-lockdown protesters because almost all of them are wearing face masks.

“The entire world has had it with this insane bullshit,” responded one Twitter user.

“Now they’re denying people access to food in France – if they don’t take an unapproved FDA vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.”

Although France’s COVID passport law mandates proof of vaccination to enter larger shopping malls, those with a surface area of less than 20,000 square meters are supposed to be exempt.

Under the the draconian law, people in France who enter a bar or restaurant without a COVID pass face 6 months in jail, while business owners who fail to check their status face a 1 year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

As we highlighted earlier this week, anecdotal evidence suggests many businesses aren’t checking for COVID passports, perhaps spooked at images that showed many bars and restaurants to be almost empty after the scheme began.

We’ve had enough of this.

Here’s a bold prediction. We will deal with the same BS in the US too.

If you any chance you didn’t know, this plan is already being considered in Los Angeles.

More from ABC 7:

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 Wednesday to have the city attorney prepare an ordinance requiring people to show proof of at least partial vaccination against COVID-19 to enter most public indoor spaces in the city, including restaurants, bars, gyms, concert venues, movie theaters and retail establishments.

Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell introduced the motion last week.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is also considering a similar ordinance.

“COVID-19 could be eradicated if we had mass vaccinations across the country and across the world,” O’Farrell said before noting the United States’ history eradicating smallpox and mostly eradicating polio through vaccinations.

“Why on Earth is it OK in 2021 to have 30-plus people die in the county of Los Angeles from COVID over a three-day period, including an 11-year-old girl, when we have a vaccine that could have prevented all of that, accessible to everyone,” O’Farrell said.

“This is not a vaccine mandate … we’re not going to deny anyone the ability to access essentials, food, medicine, etc., regardless of vaccination … but what is immoral is choosing not to get vaccinated, choosing to listen to some delusional rant on Twitter,” he added.

The ordinance would be similar to a policy recently announced in New York City, but would be more restrictive with the inclusion of retail establishments. The New York policy restricts access only to more entertainment-oriented venues such as restaurants, fitness centers and theaters.

The motion also instructed the chief legislative analyst to work with the Economic Workforce and Development Department and the City Attorney’s Office to decide what types of public spaces should be included using input from businesses, business organizations and council offices.

What about grocery stores? This is horrible. Is this the future you chose for you and your kids?

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