Transgender Crowned ‘Miss Nevada’ – Will Be First Trans To Compete In Historic Miss USA Pageant

We saw it coming…

Democrats fought for this. We bet they are happy.

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Kataluna Enriquez is the first openly transgender competitor to take part in the Miss USA pageant after winning Miss Nevada on Sunday.

Kataluna is 27 and she beat out 21-year-old women in Nevada’s preliminary round. Real women.

This event is making headlines these days. The inclusion of Enriquez is very odd because there’s a separate “Miss Trans Global” competition each year.

Men are larger, faster, and stronger than women. Biological women are wonderful!

They are trying to add men to pretty much everything. Women suffer. They are being cast out of the spotlight by huge men. Remember the story of Fallon Fox? The UFC beatdown was horrible.

Men have shattered women’s weightlifting records to steal their spot at the Olympics.

New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard Selected as First Transgender to Compete in Olympics in Weightlifting – She Competed as a Man Until 2013

Pageants don’t require athleticism, and women have a chance to play a fair game.

Let’s see what happens to Miss Nevada?

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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