Traitor Harry How You Didn’t Predict This?

Harry is the living proof that love makes us blind. Meghan blinded Harry, so he missed seeing this coming when the whole world knew …

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What are those dark spells around Harry that charmed him to be a guest at the notorious show with Oprah, together with his wife?

The interview became very popular, and now everyone talks about them. Currently, Harry and Meghan are the most famous couple in the world.

But, with great power comes great responsibility!

The power that they obtained from the interview caused them massive problems. His countrymen don’t want to see Harry’s face ever again! They don’t even want to hear his name.

The ‘’Oprah Effect’’ will affect a couple’s popularity, but it will harm them. Currently, according to numerous surveys, their reputation is harshly declining.

Since Harry turned his back to his royal family, he complained that his financial income was cut off?? His payment was stopped in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic when he weighs $50 million, and that is a problem?

Because of their statements in the interview, Harry’s rating is negative for the first time.

Harry, you are rude to the audience!

Another overturn happened when they shared the cruel treatment in the Palace. Once Meghan and Harry shared that someone asked about the child’s skin color, their rating increase enormously.

After Oprah’s interview, Meghan lost 13 points for only ten days, and Harry got a negative result for the first time ever.

Contrary to this ‘’smart couple’’, Prince William and Kate still hold their popularity, and they are praised in the Palate and among the Royal Family.

But, Price Andrew is the less popular member, with a devastating 82% unfavorable view.

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