Trains To Shut Down! – Supply Chain Collapse Worsens! – Controlled Collapse For The Great Reset [VIDEO]

The farmers must kill livestock, and 70K are forced off the highways in California.

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Josh Sigurdson reported on the latest news regarding the supply chain while we see the effort to control the collapse. The government forces the people into dependence, desperation, and the Great Reset.

The rail strike started on July 18; it seems it will resume again!

Now, the government stops the trains from getting to their destination while carrying fuel. Because of these delays, the price of fuel will continue to rise.

Moreover, the farmers are forced to kill livestock; additionally, 70000 trucks are forced off the highways in California.

All these events happened in the middle of the supply chain, so even a blind person could see that this was on purpose.

On top of everything, Canada pushed through the law that mimics the Netherlands in its attempt to close a third of the Canadian farms.


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