Top Republican Posts Video Of ‘Child Abuse’ At Texas Border Patrol Facility

Steve Scalise is disgusted

The House Minority Whip shared a video from the border crisis. His video features a great number of unaccompanied minors thriving in a Border Patrol facility in Donna, Texas. According to him, this is nothing but “child abuse.”

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“I visited the Donna processing facility yesterday. … This is the devastating result of their disastrous left-wing immigration agenda. RT so everyone can see what they’re trying to hide. This is child abuse,” Scalise tweeted on April 10.

Watch this video and you will see hundreds of kids trying to stay warm with aluminum-style blankets. They sit closely next to each other. You can see that through the transparent pens. You can also hear the people talking in the background.

On April 9, Scalise shared a video of himself near the southern border.

“This is out of control. It’s the middle of the night. We’ve seen dozens of children flow freely across the border in just the past few minutes,” he said in a tweet as dozens of people who appear to be trying to cross the border illegally walk past him.”

On April 12, the White House made a deal with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. The new deal is related to the flow of illegal migrants in the US.

Tyler Moran, special assistant to Biden for immigration for the Domestic Policy Council, said that the new administration had “secured agreements” that would place “more troops on their” borders.

“Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala have all agreed to do this,” Moran said. “That not only is going to prevent the traffickers and the smugglers and cartels that take advantage of the kids on their way here, but also to protect those children.”

Many illegal aliens have tried to cross the US-Mexico border in the past few months. The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) found 171,000 illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors in March.

Authorities found 18,890 unaccompanied minors in March. In May 2019, the number went around 11,457 and in June 2014, we had 10,620 kids at the border. The Border Patrol started releasing numbers in 2009.

Over 4,000 parents and kids, including unaccompanied minors, thrive in a CBP tent area built for 250 in Donna, Texas. Over 600 kids thrived in a room built for 32, as reported by Reuters.

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Source: The Epoch Times


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