Top Republican Calling On GOP To Impeach Biden And Head Of DHS Over Latest Border Disaster

Somebody has to do something about the GOP’s crying out loud.

What’s happening on the border is sick. I am frustrated about this, and I know that many of you feel the same way.

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Something has to happen before Biden and his handlers make this country a cesspool of poverty, disease, and lawlessness so that people can win the upcoming election with a voting block.

One top GOP Rep is as mad as us, and he calls for heads to roll.

Texas Rep Chip Roy wants Biden with his DHS secretary impeached for their actions against the border crisis.
Daily Wire reported that Chip Roy stated that Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached on Monday because of the constant worsening of the border situation.

He tweeted: “Total encounters: 205,029. Total known gotaways: 37,400,” “1.3 million for [Fiscal Year] 21 so far. Largest monthly encounter number since 2000.”

If this is correct, the numbers would be the largest recorded in history, created in 2002 due to the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attack.

“What Joe Biden is doing at our border is impeachable,” Jesse Kelly, a political commentator, responded. “It’s more impeachable than Watergate. This is an attack on the sovereignty of America, and it’s coming from the Oval Office. Republicans should move to impeach after 2022.”

Roy answered: “Co-sponsor. #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachMayorkas”

In a statement for the Daily Wire, Roy explained why he called to impeach Biden and Mayorkas:

“Over the past several months, President Biden and Sec. Mayorkas have blatantly and consistently refused to do their constitutional duty to take care that the immigration laws be faithfully executed, as required by Article II, endangering countless American and foreign lives in the process.”

WaPo reporter confirmed the numbers shared by Roy.

It is the right reason to impeach Biden.

Below you can hear Chip Roy’s statement for Newsmax:

Biden and his handlers are doing the worst possible thing for the country regarding the border crisis.

The government’s job was to keep us safe. However, they are doing everything but that.

We have to do something, and Twitter isn’t helping. The Republicans have to join together, and they can stop this craziness.

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