Top Foreign Officials Are Now Calling Out “Biden’s Dementia” On The World Stage

Get him out of the White House

Joe Biden is not our President. He will never be the real President of the United States. Yes, this man is making fool of himself. He is not even aware of the fact that other people stand behind the scenes.

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We can easily say that Biden is embarrassing himself on an “hourly” basis.

Sometimes he is bungling up short sentences and we have also heard him forget simple words. This man looks shocked, confused, and dazed all the time. He was waiting for his first press conference for a really long time. I guess Democrats weren’t too confident about his skills so they tried to delay the whole thing. Biden has dementia and you can’t just put people with dementia on the big stage.

World leaders can no longer ignore Biden’s dementia. They are literally telling him to cover his head in shame and walk away.

Biden is not a tough guy. He is just acting up and we know it. He is someone who wears two masks on Zoom calls.

He keeps talking about Russia and yes, the situation can escalate overnight. Russian officials won’t put up with his trashing and they have decided to trash our President and teach him a lesson. Was Biden asking for it?

A high-ranking Russian official told the world that the US President has dementia. We saw this coming.

From Fox 61:

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council who served as president in 2008-2012 when Putin had to shift into the premier’s job because of term limits, said that “time hasn’t spared” the 78-year-old Biden and cited Sigmund Freud as saying, “Nothing costs so much in life as illness and stupidity.”

And Andrei Turchak, the leader of the main pro-Kremlin United Russia party, described Biden’s remarks as a reflection of “the U.S. political marasmus and its leader’s dementia.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov deplored what he called “very bad remarks by the U.S. president,” noting that that “there was nothing like that in history.”
Konstantin Kosachev, a deputy speaker of the Russian parliament’s upper house, said Biden’s “boorish statement” marks a watershed in Washington’s relations with Moscow, warning that Russia’s response wouldn’t be limited to recalling its ambassador “if the American side fails to offer explanation and excuse.”

The mainstream media will probably try to cover the whole thing up and correct the official. They keep saying it’s not dementia, and refer to it as “childhood stutter.”

Russians will have a really good laugh with this one. Democrats are embarrassing us even more. We look stupid in people’s eyes. The world will never take us seriously. I mean, we are led by someone with dementia.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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