TOO LATE For Fox News & Newsmax! They Turned Their Backs On Us – LINDELL [WATCH]

“The GOP, the RNC, and all these Republicans they got to quit being cowards.”

Mike Lindell delivered a speech over the weekend. He talked about the conservative media and the stolen election. Lindell mentioned a lot of important details related to the current situation in this country.

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People like this guy.

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We have also provided a transcription:

“I can sit up here and tell this group and tell the millions that are watching about this, but when it comes down to implementing all this plan, just like you all went out there and signed up and sent your attorney general’s and called them. You’ve all been great. Everyone in this country has been doing this. And as we get calls to action there, we’ve got to be able to reach everybody. So it’s so important. Now it’s up to us. It’s not up to, they turned our back on us, all the conservative media, starting with Fox, and went right down the line. You know, at Newsmax, I just heard today. I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t care. I heard that they’re gonna make all their people take the shot. I mean, this is what I heard. I don’t know if it’s true. It could be a rumor, I might have heard it or dreamt it, but I think it’s true. Who’s gonna call me out on it? Allen Duke, a Facebook Fact Checker? You know, maybe I’ll start making stuff up. No, true story. True story. So we’ve got to get, if they take our voice, it’s over. But the good news is, it’s too late for them, it’s too late to close the gate, the cow’s out of the barn, we have our voice, and you need to send people to over and over again. And by the way, with that too, we’re going to have, we will have our social media icon, we built it in reverse so when you go up on crooked Apple, and they take it down like they did Parler, it doesn’t affect us. We still keep going. So we built it with all my stuff. So if they take it down, we still keep moving. So to keep hearing the word out. And we have about eight months. And I’m telling you, if the machines and those things are in place, we need the Supreme Court case to take away all the things that we’re put in illegally. They have to bring it back. They want to make those laws, you guys. All the stuff like in Pennsylvania where you could vote, turn in stuff seven days later. They want to turn them into laws. They were taking illegal things that were crimes that were committed that were made in the laws for the 2020 election. They now want to make them laws. And if nobody speaks out, if the Supreme Court doesn’t go after them and say no, you can’t do that 2022, it’s over. So if you got two buckets, you got to get rid of the machines, which that’s gonna happen, and then you need the Supreme Court case to tell these states you cannot do this ever again. You can’t just, the legislatures make our election laws in every state. Now we’ll do one last thing. They have to be the GOP, the RNC, and all these Republicans they got to quit being cowards. So I’m going to tell you I wanted to come here to bring you this hope. This is the hope. I’m telling you we are in the best time to be alive in history. If we didn’t have all this, we would have lost our country forever. Then you only have one thing to pray for. Pray for everyone else to get saved, and here we go to heaven. But right now God’s gonna give us grace and more time so we can be in the greatest revival in history for Jesus.” – Mike Lindell

He made a really good point. Lindell covered a lot of issues.

Here are some of the comments people made online:

“Love Mike Lindell. A hero amongst heroes. Thank God for his tenacity and capacity to get up every day and fight the fight for this country and all of us. God Bless him.”

“Absolutely love this beautiful authentic American Spirit! Mike Lindell, living his life in service to others.”

“I sincerely believe this is a spectacular time to be here on earth.”

“Lindell is great!!! Thank you, Mike!!”

“The momentum is there. Let’s keep it going!!! We want America back!”

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