To Save Our Country, I Would Be Fine With Getting Rid Of Congress And Starting Over

For our country, only one party is matters, and it is the one that decides because the Republicans haven’t had a backbone in generations.

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The government gave the Dems too much power, trust during the past decades. They are a disgrace and against everything, America stands for. We are witnesses of power abuse only to fulfill their goals. I can suggest eliminating 90% of them and start from the beginning.

There’s a systematic problem when members look for ways to circumvent the procedures mandated by the founding documents in contravention to cover the author’s intents.

Washington, DC is the best example of how lawmakers abuse their power and how corrupted they are. No rules are for them, and the only important thing is their goals. Americans have to be outraged at how they are ruining this country because they want to rewrite the rules entirely.

People have to fight against these elites because we don’t serve them.

Our nation has fallen under one-party control because the Dems Control the Union, and Educational funding controls the media. Until the vote is disconnected from an individual’s pocket, nationalism and liberty mean nothing to the average self-centered American.

The Dems ignore the rule of Immigration Laws, so circumventing the parliamentarian is expected. For them, the Constitution is a paper that shows how the government has to be structured.
Contrary, the Republicans have to bear with resistance from the Dems, who can choose which laws to obey and which to reject.

Again, the nation has fallen under the one-party rule because the Republicans lack a backbone.
You have to love America to reject a stimulus check and send it as a donation towards the national debt. What will the Americans sell next for another check?

America’s government hasn’t had a budget in over 12 years. When the following credit comes, Americans will realize the damage that has been done to the nation. The government isn’t to blame for the self-centered nature of those who allow the politicians to rule them.

Politicians forget that we, the people, are the ones who give them power, and we are the ones who can take it.
Donald Trump attempted to work on a DACA and broader immigration reform. However, the Dems won’t budge it because they don’t want the legislation that may be regarded as a Republican victory.

I haven’t felt that a sitting American President, Dem/Rep, was making decisions that he knew would ruin the Americans and place the country in jeopardy.

But, it changed when Biden came in office, and he’s the worst of the worst presidents ever!

I think that we live in a particular time, and it may be the beginning of the end of this nation.

No one could know how devastating such a slim majority could possibly be, and I hate Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell because they aren’t doing anything but have the power.

They are against Trump and are doing everything in their power to stop him from completing his goals.

If you have the chance, VOTE! You can’t give up your Constitutional rights!

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