To Fight White Supremacy, Coca-Cola Discontinues Vanilla Coke

The controversial product Vanilla Coke has been discontinued because Coca-Cola fights white supremacy.

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Vanilla Coke is too white!

They said that it was “too white,” so they eliminated it from the market. This company’s politics is to produce dark drinks to emphasize the elimination of whiteness from society.

Vanilla Coke’s types starting from Cherry Vanilla to Orange Vanilla, ending with Vanilla Vanilla, will be moved back from the markets’ shelves. They do not support the idea of eliminating whiteness.

A Coca-Cola executive stated on Friday that the new products embody whiteness in a racist, complex society, and it doesn’t support the idea and politics of the company.

“Anything with even a hint of whiteness must be eliminated. We now realize that we were, in fact, part of the problem all along as we promoted the alt right-adjacent flavor of vanilla.”

Also, he added, they will do better. After his statement, the Coca-Cola executive resigned, canceled, and doxed himself. He banished himself to an outlying Caribbean island to evaluate his whiteness.


But, Chocolate Coke will, for sure, take the place of the previous toxic and problematic product.

Drinking Chocolate-Coke will be mandatory!

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