Timothy Dixon Shares The Visions He Has Kept Private Until Now

We all love Timothy Dixon, so this is going to be a fascinating article.

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I am so happy to share the last video that Dixon has shared with us, and it is breaking!

If you have been following this man, you know that he isn’t sharing everything he knows. There are always some hidden things, and now they reached the public’s ears.

It is awesome! Donald Trump is coming back to get back his place!

Dixon believes that we will see Trump as President. It is coming, very soon!

I know that some people are impatient, but wait, hold on for just a little bit!

The video will encourage you!

I can speak for myself, and I FEEL the sincerity and power in Dixon’s words!

Watch the video.

And read the top comments.

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Source: thetruedefender.com

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