Timothy Dixon Announced The New Virus Coming Will Rot Their Insides Out!

They have been warned…

In his latest video, Dixon warned the “bad guys” that justice is coming. According to him, Donald Trump will regain his throne in the White House. These two things will happen really soon.

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There’s more… Democrats will be forced to leave the stage in pain. They will be attacked by a new virus that will cause the inside of their bodies to rot. Evil people will get what they deserve.

Remember what Robin Bullock said a month ago? Oh, let’s not forget that these two have never met each other.

Two great prophets share the same prophecy. They can’t be wrong…

Here’s an interesting fact. The concept was mentioned in the Bible, so it’s coming from our Father.

You can watch the video on Rumble.

It’s also available on YouTube.

Here are the best comments:

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Source: The True Defender

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