This Victorian Mansion Cost Only $10 – But There Was A Catch

A house for $10

But, we aren’t in a Tom Hanks’ “Money Pit” from 1986. Any gorgeous mansion that comes with a reasonable price has a really big catch.

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People in Montclair, New Jersey, know it best.

In 2017, a huge 4,000-square-foot Victorian mansion was put up for a sale. The asking price? $10. But, people didn’t even try to purchase it. No one wanted the house and the demolition began in May 2018 as reported by

Today, there are eight single-family homes. The cluster is called “The Collection.”

No one bought the mansion for $10.

MoneyPop reported that the mansion was probably worth $1.35 million. It’s surrounded by great multimillion-dollar houses. This particular home had a private tennis court and gazebo, so yes, it was worth more.

But, people wouldn’t buy it. Wonder why? Anyone who’d buy the house would have to take it and remove it to another area. Imagine tearing a house out of its foundation and moving it to another area. reported that Boodie-Noell Enterprises got approval in 2017 from the Montclair Township Planning Board. They were able to subdivide the house and build other houses in its place.

The Montclair Township Historic Preservation Commission tried to protect the home by declaring it was a historical landmark.

The house was once owned by Aubrey Lewis. She is one of the first African-Americans to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She was a top exec at a Fortune 100 company.

The commission claimed it was a valuable piece of history, however, the board declined to protect the house.

The board approved Boddie-Noell Enterprises to build properties, the real estate company said it would offer to sell the house to anyone who could take it to another place.

MontclairLocal reported that the real estate company was willing to offer $10,000 to cover any relocation costs.

Relocating the house would cost $200,000. The buyer would have to get a plot of nearby land.

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Source: The Western Journal

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