‘This Stuff Is Crazy’: John Kennedy Rips Into Democratic Proposal

John Kennedy doesn’t support the Democratic proposal.

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Is this the time when no one will support the democratic proposals? Yes! The time will come!

At the Senate GOP press briefing, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) criticized the proposal for the IRS to monitor transactions.

If you didn’t know, a new proposal from the Biden administration would require banks to turn over to the IRS information about all of your bank accounts if you have a balance higher than $600 in them.

When Biden submitted the proposal fiscal year 2022 budget for the treasury department, so it proposed creating “a comprehensive financial account information reporting regime,” under which banks would require to turn over to the IRS various pieces of information from “all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan and investment accounts with deposits of $600 or more.”

Take a look at the video here and see how Kennedy blasted the proposal.

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