This One Little Nugget From CNN’s VA Exit Polling Should Scare Dems

The VA election is still making headlines. It’s nothing unexpected after everything that has happened. It was a race that they had banked on winning, and it seemed that they might pull it out. But, President Trump made MAGA a part of it, and the Dems candidate, McAuliffe, made his campaign into war against parents. I don’t know why Dems believed that it was a good idea to depict the concerned parents as racist and Nazis.

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However, it didn’t work, and it was a bad idea.

It was something that we had never seen before. CNN’s exit polling showed exciting tidbit. It scares the Dems a lot!

Western Journal reported that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin still dominates in the headlines of the articles after his magnificent win. It seems that the young voters helped him win the competitive race against McAuliffe.

One CNN exit poll that included 3.899 respondents showed 45% support for the Republican candidate among 18 to 29 years old and 53% for McAuliffe.

Maybe Youngkin didn’t win the demographic, and it is a huge success for the Republican Party to have so many votes from the young population.

See this below:

The Republicans should remain humble and think that they will take the young vote in the near future. It is not going to happen.

They can see an example and take advantage of this situation to learn something more. They’re not connecting with a huge portion of their base.

If you were young, would you support this person?

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