This One Image From An Airport Perfectly Sums Up The Depressing Situation Over At CNN

Do they miss him?

Donald Trump is out of the White House, and CNN can’t get over it. Yes, they miss Trump because people prefer articles related to the former President of the United States. Well, everyone loves Trump, right?

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Liberal reporters bash Trump on every occasion, but they forget one simple detail. Their jobs depend on him. No Trump, no job. Trump’s absence is “killing” them. It’s actually their demise. Strange, huh?

Reports confirm that Trump’s absence has sent mainstream media ratings down the hill. They are no longer relevant, and Americans want them out. We are fed up with their fake stories and we would love to see something else. A new power… A fresh power, someone who is willing to bring out the best in us.

One particular photo says it all. It’s a photo from the inside of an airport. It describes the state of affairs over at CNN. Oh, they are so FINISHED.

How about a 50% off “fire sale” on their merch?

Have you ever seen someone wearing a CNN hat? A tee? We wouldn’t get these even if they were offered for free.

This photo said it all. It describes the pathetic news outlet. They sold a lot of fake stories during Trump’s time in the Oval Office. They bashed him on a daily basis. Some people enjoyed this and watched their “shows.” Well, CNN is no longer popular. Moreover, everyone hates them.

Let’s not forget that the network had a surge around the presidential elections in November. They are way behind Fox News at the moment. Joe Biden didn’t do them a favor. In fact, he made things worse. CNN hoped to build back with the help of Biden and Kamala Harris. Needles to say, it didn’t happen.

From The Wrap

Overall, Fox News brought in an average of 1.187 million total viewers for the month, with 203,000 of them in the advertiser-coveted age demographic of 25 to 54. CNN had an average of only 610,000 total viewers, but took second place in the key demo with 147,000. MSNBC held down second place in total average viewers with 835,000, but came in last in the demo, averaging 108,000.

Because of its high ratings at the beginning of the year, though, CNN still closed out May as the top-rated cable network in the key demo year-to-date. In total-day ratings since the beginning of the year, CNN has now averaged 279,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, outpacing second-place cable finisher ESPN, which brought in an average of 261,000 and was followed by TNT with an average of 224,000. Fox News is in fourth place in total-day demo viewership for 2021 with 219,000. MSNBC is in tenth place for the year, averaging 180,000 viewers in the age range.

CNN hopes to see Trump back in 2024. Oh, yes, he will be back just to tear them to pieces.

We love the irony in this one!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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