‘THIS Is Your Future If You Don’t Protect Your First Amendment’: SHOCKING Video Shows Canadian Police Arresting Reporters.

Whenever the journalists point their cameras at the police officers, they are either handcuffed or slammed against vehicles and arrested.

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Rebel News’s founder, Ezra Levant, accompanied Glenn Beck on the radio program to share his experiences. He and his team caught the Canadian police harassing their reporters on Montreal’s protest.

We can see how the officers make remarks about the reporters from the footage. They called them Jew reporters and the Rebel News “Jew media.”

The police noticed the reporters, isolated them from the crowds, handcuffed them, slammed to the vehicles, and arrested them. The fine of some of the detained was thousands and thousands of dollars. They have to pay the fine because the camera was pointed at the Canadian police.

Another forage emerged from where we can see how the police ask entrance to a rented Airbnb houseboat! But they required access without a warrant!

“They then claimed it was an illegal gathering. It was just a B and B,” Levant said. “I told them to get a warrant. I went out there … and they wouldn’t let me back in…. It turned into a ten-hour standoff. They couldn’t find a judge willing to give them a search warrant, so to punish us, they called the whole thing a crime scene. They actually wouldn’t let any of my team off the boat unless they submitted to a personal search, which is illegal. And the craziest part is that they arrested one of my guys, took him to jail, and they said this to us: We will hold him in jail until you let us search the Airbnb without a warrant.”

According to Levant, Canadian media ignore these attacks, warrantless searches, seizures and warned Americans to protect the First Amendment rights.

Watch the video here. 

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