This Is What TikTok Star Addison Rae Did To President Trump At UFC 264

We love to see when the Dems are disappointed by theirs! During the past weekend, UFC 264 occurred, and Trump stopped by to watch the fights.

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I guess Trump grasped the attention, and the fighters were left on their own. Trump was sitting in the audience like everyone else. Also, there were a lot of famous faces, and Mel Gibson was among them. He saluted Trump as he went to his seat.

Take a look at the footage below:

However, not only Mel Gibson saluted Trump at the fight. Tik Tok superstar Addison Rae crawled over the spectators to take a picture with Trump!

Liberal outlet Insider reported:

‘’In a video uploaded to the NELK YouTube channel on Wednesday titled “Addison Rae Says Hi to Donald Trump,” the TikTok star can be seen leaving her seat after spotting Trump in the front row and tapping him on the shoulder.’’

Numerous people thought that she went for Trump angry, but what happened was LIT.

“I’m Addison. Nice to meet you. I have to say hi, hello. So nice to meet you,” she told a person who appears to be Trump at Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier’s UFC 264 match on Saturday.’’

He was amazed by Trump’s presence, and she’s a fan of him! Also, there were a lot of rumors that Addison was a MAGA walking Trump supporter.

Mainstream media asked from the platform to be canceled for her unacceptable politeness towards Trump. The leftist media are going after Addison, and they are collecting evidence against her.

I can’t understand why someone would give the best of them just to ruin someone’s reputation?

Everything is getting even worse. People behind the monitor, controlling the keyboards, are attacking this woman and trying to cause her damage.

Can you think of the time when Congress hunted for communists? Now, we have the same thing, but now they are hunting people who love America!

I cannot understand why they are doing this and why they want to harm people!

”Rae debunked the video in its comment section at the time. “This isn’t real,” Rae said. “First, I’m from Louisiana. Second, I’m not even registered to vote and never have been. I’m actually doing it for the first time with someone important and I’m excited to do so. This is fake.”

Addison dared to support Trump and salute him during the fight. Also, she was aware that the cameras would film her, and still, she did it!

I respect her move!

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