This Is The Odd Thing About Fauci’s Hand Richard Grenell Spotted During Rand’s Questioning (Video)

The scoundrel has been discovered and is about to be stopped!

Today, on the Senate floor, Fauci got raked over the coals!

His nemesis, Dr. Rand Paul, held nothing back when he went after this wicked tyrant.

Rand focused on Fauci’s alleged involvement in “Gain of Function” research, specifically pertaining to COVID.

He actually said that the entire pandemic is Fauci’s fault, something many of us agree with.

Soo, it now seems that Fauci is starting to feel the heat.

He has gone on CNN on several occasions to complain that he’s being unfairly “attacked,” and even said that if you “attack” him, you’re literally “attacking science.”

Things are getting too hot these days, even for Dr. Fauci, it seems!

Now, former top spy chief Richard Grenell noticed something interesting today during the hearing.

Namely, he spotted something strange about Fauci’s hands and zoomed in to have a look.

He found that, while he was being questioned by Rand Paul, he was seemingly “shaking”.

Fauci is rattled, that’s for sure, and he is really nervously fidgeting!

Watch below:


Here’s the entire, brutal exchange:


The jig is up, so Fauci is understandably shaken!



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