This Is Huge: Fauci Admits COVID-19 May Have Been from a Lab And The US Did Fund Chinese Labs!

After all this time, we might hear the truth for the first time!

Finally, in his latest flip-flop, the Rat-in-a-Trap Dr. Fauci admitted that the COVID-19 virus may not have occurred naturally!

Fauci commented on the issue on the far-left Politifact channel, an organization that, for over a year, has been pushing fake news on the COVID pandemic.

Politifact hack: Sen. Rand Paul, who you have tangled with in the past, suggested that you and the NIH funded risky research that eventually down the line was connected to COVID-19? I don’t want to dwell on this for too long but I do want to give you that chance to react to his comments today.

Dr. Fauci: That’s actually preposterous. To bring something up is really not helpful. He was saying that we funded a kind of research in China that could lead to dangerous research. That’s not the case. So what he was saying was absolutely not true. It is really unfortunate that he brought that up. It really does nothing but cloud the issue of what we are trying to do. So it was just unfortunate that he said that.

Politifact hack: That has been the subject for a lot of our fact-checking on the coronavirus for the past year. There’s a lot of cloudiness around the origins of COVID-19 still. So I wanted to ask are you still confident that COVID developed naturally?

Dr. Fauci: No actually, that’s the point that I said. And I think that the real unfortunate aspect of what Senator Paul did was he was conflating research in a collaborative way with Chinese scientists which was — you’d almost have to say that if we did not do that then we’d be almost irresponsible because SARS-COVI-1 clearly originated in China… So we really had to learn a whole lot about the viruses that were there, about whether or not people were getting infected with bad viruses. So in a very minor collaboration as part of a sub-contract as part of a grant, we had a collaboration with some Chinese scientists. And what he conflated that was that we were involved in creating the virus. Which is the most ridiculous majestic leap I’ve ever heard of.

Yes, the moment we all waited for- and feared from!

 After all this time, Fauci has just admitted:

 ** COVID-19 may not have originated naturally — something he refuted earlier 

 ** The US DID FUND Chinese research at the Wuhan Labs

 ** The US funded this research via NIH grants under his leadership

What’s more, this admission came immediately after he accused Senator Paul of lying about this collaboration.

Yet, the American public is aware of the fact that Senator Paul was absolutely correct in his assertions during his Senate testimony.

Moreover, we all know now that Fauci lied while testifying to the Senate committee!

Even though he was not under oath, the same rules apply during any senatorial testimony.

Can we estimate the damage this man has done to our country so far?

Fauci DID fund the Wuhan labs that leaked the COVID-19 virus and then shut down the US economy after the virus came to America!

And then, he lied about this for months!

Just for the record, Rand Paul brought the receipts.


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