This Election Data Explains Why Dems Are So Terrified Of Trump And Why They Had To Stop Him…

They are scared of Donald Trump

We all know why. Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat friends would do whatever it takes to shut down Trump’s movement.

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This post-election data shows that former President Trump gained tons of support.

Try not to forget that this data is not reflective of the real gains. The 2020 Presidential election was nothing but a sham. Now we know why they are scared of Trump.

Bizpacreview shared an article from the Washington Examiner, suggesting that Trump’s voter share of women and people of color went as high as 57.2 percent last fall. It was 54.8 percent in 2016. They went through data from “Catalist,” a left-wing data analysis company.

In other words, the former President got more support across all racial demographics. Well, he did lose a tiny bit of ground with white men. When it comes to non-white women, Trump got 7 points and got 4 points with non-white men. He has one point with women and lost a point with white men.

Believe it or not, the most surprising gain came from the Hispanic community. Democrats are panicking right now. They have lost their “new voting” base. They try to grow this base with the “open borders” movement. Dems tried really hard to earn this support, and Trump took it all.

The former President gained 8 points with Hispanics. We bet this number is even higher. Remove the number of “illegal aliens” who voted. Pelosi and her buddies know the real number.

Trump marked a 3-point increase in black voter support as confirmed by the data. Let’s not forget this is a left-wing outlet, so the number is higher than that.

Trump is a strong leader and people want him back in the White House. The GOP establishment has to change the narrative and do the best for this country. We need to get rid of Kevin McCarthy. He doesn’t deserve the leadership position.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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