This Behind The Scenes Photo Of Biden’s CNN Town Hall Has Everyone Talking…

He should have stayed in bed

Joe Biden decided to take part in a CNN town hall and it was a bad decision. He should have stayed in bed! This was way past his bedtime.

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Why did he bother attending this?

It wasn’t even an event. Was it an “amateur hour” at the nursing home? Of course it was. That sounds way better!

It’s interesting to note that people weren’t really into watching the “most popular US president.”

Are you shocked?

Biden claims millions of people voted him, but we know that’s not true. Where did all his supporters go? He stole the elections and this “event” was the best evidence you will ever get.

No one showed up to watch the crazy President. Take a look at this behind-the-scenes photo and you will see things clearly. Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein shared it on Twitter. It’s shocking!

Here’s what people said online:

Well, dead people can vote, but its difficult to get them to attend a town hall.”

“This guy won 80 million votes? lol” 

“Have you noticed that we’ve never once seen in person this supposed historic support that Biden has?”

“82 million votes ladies and gentleman LOL” 

“Couldn’t give tickets away to that hot mess” 

“the left is all “there’s a pandemic, that’s why nobody is there” lol what a lame excuse” 

“Empty like his head”

‘Most popular President ever”

“But I thought he got 80 million votes?”

“Because communism is so popular”

Who is your President now?

It’s Donald Trump! People love him and we really miss him and his full halls.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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