Think Football, Superbowl and Red3 Coming?

NFL fans are devastated to learn about the recent development in the football world, and x22 Report has some juicy information

Are you a fan of x22 Report? A lot of people like the way this daily show reports on the economy and politics. It’s interesting to note that the mass media has failed to impress citizens of this country. But, x22 Report is different than anything you’ve seen before. They are putting out some really crazy stuff. You don’t get to hear about this on national TV.

The latest report is related to football and the Super Bowl.

What about Red1-Red6?

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Here’s a simple description of the video, and it definitely makes things easier to understand.

The [DS]/MSM are now trapped, they are red pilling America, people can now see very clearly and they don’t like what they see. Trump did not attend JB inauguration and he didn’t hand over the football, why? It seems that everything is heating up, DHS puts out a warning and the impeachment is a go, the Senate was actually the target. The Super Bowl is going to look like a puppy show, there is no escape.

From X22 please enjoy, watch here on Rumble:

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Super Bowl LV is days away. The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet for the NFL championship. Chiefs players will do their best to win the second straight Super Bowl title. They have a chance to be the first team to repeat since the 2003-04 New England Patriots team. Tampa Bay led by Tom Brady is searching for the first title in 18 years. It’s a heavily anticipated game but recent events will destroy all the magic surrounding players. Let’s see how will things turn for football players.
Someone is trying to make the whole thing look like a joke. Do they really need to do this right now? Fans are far from happy.

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