They Cannot Name A Single Good Thing Biden Has Done- Watch His Voters Being Interviewed On The Street

Can you think of a single thing Biden has done right during his time in the Office?

His voters cannot either!

Hilarity ensued when Daily Caller reporters went the swampy streets of Washington, D.C., and asked Biden voters if they could name one good thing that his administration has done so far.

Can you blame them?

None of them could name anything “good” that Biden himself has done!

Imagine what this interview would have looked like if they were interviewing Americans about the bad things he has done for this country…

Ironically, the only thing these numbskulls could mention as his contribution to this society was the vaccine, which of course is all because of President Trump.


Watch the video below:

Apart from being hilarious, these videos are actually scary at the same time, as they show how low-info so many of our fellow Americans truly are.

Maybe a basic civics test before they can vote would improve things a lot.. can you imagine how better the government would be that way?


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